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UPCOMING: MAY 28, 2024 @ 4:30PM ET

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​​​​Can you patent an algorithm? Machine learning models? Will we need a new division of law for AI cases? What is the precedent? ​​​​Can blockchain mitigate the AI "facts," or is it its own threat to communications and liberty? ​​​​Can you rationalize a world where "free-to-use" AI services utilize licenses that allow free use, but then the operating company can capitalize on the content that they generate? What is a good process for knowledge transfer from employee to employee? If you had the chance to redo your life, would you choose differently in terms of what choices you made academically? Have you written any books or do you have any thoughts on childhood education? Now that I have three kids at different stages, I find it challenging that the school curriculums are trying to make conforming students while lacking effort in individual talent discovery. What's your experience and how have you approached it? Do you still check your emails regularly? I find it a distraction for productivity and originality due to the bombardment of emails, text and all of it. I see this as a potential area for AI to personalize, and it could be simple to make. What do you think? Wolfram's writings are actually often a quite good read and have a unique humor. MUCH better than most papers that came out in the last 20 years. ​​​​I want to do something that should be an internet-based business, and thermodynamics and its applications should be a central part of the business. Do you have any tips? View Less »
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