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Stephen knows and remembers so much! Any hints on memory techniques and how to learn in general, and especially in math and physics as an adult? ​What do you think of shifts in perspective as a source of discoveries in science? Is there any place for discoveries based on questioning the status quo? Of the smartest people you have had a chance to communicate with, who stands out the most and why? ​How do you spend money in a wise way? Do you have some heuristics? What technology would you keep away from your children, and for how long? What might be the best investment opportunities over the next 20 years? Someone said if you hear good reviews of your product from other people, then you have succeeded. If you don't hear any feedback from others, that is usually a bad sign. You mentioned investing in ideas. What is your metric for investing in an individual with an idea? For instance, are the Wolfram Winter and Summer Schools places for you to find those people to invest in? Is there any technological innovation that you are anticipating or hoping is coming in the next few years? What was it like handling the business side of things, being a creator? Was it something you liked or just did out of necessity? Was it hard or easy? Did you do it all yourself, get help or just hire someone else more savvy and in the know to do it entirely? ​What are techniques for developing intuition, in particular when working with really abstract concepts like those found in math, physics or even business? View Less »
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