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with Stephen Wolfram | 1 hour 25 minutes

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Tuesday, June 21, 2022 [Multicomputation] »

with Stephen Wolfram | 2 hours 6 minutes

Science & Technology Q&A for Kids & Others:
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Thursday, June 9, 2022 [Rulial Motion] »

with Stephen Wolfram | 1 hour 22 minutes

Business, Innovation & Managing Life Q&A:
What is the value system you follow based on? Have you designed your own value and motivational structure? Do you find exercising your personal thoughts on these livestreams can be a therapeutic experience? Have you ever thought about the role of physical exercise or sports as a companion activity to intellectual pursuits? Exercise has been shown to be the only big booster of neuroplasticity besides being of a developmental age. Curious that campuses have so much of it. Strange that as a university professor, you were not that interested in education—your enthusiasm for these livestreams says otherwise... and unflattering things on formal university education! My capacity to brainstorm and associate ideas while walking is much greater. I highly recommend to approach walking like that. Do you enjoy music? Who is your favorite composer/band? Do you listen to music generated by AI? Oh my gosh, I'm loving the image of Stephen at a Taylor Swift concert. Thoughts on your involvement with the movie Arrival? Do you have any advice (time management, prioritizing) for a first-time parent trying to juggle being present in a kid's life, but also having recently started a business? How did you know you wanted to have children? And did they contribute in any way toward your learning in your field/general lifelong learning? How did you manage at-home office hours? Lock the door and set expectations? On the topic of kids, I'm currently eating a box of Cheerios with my two kiddos while watching this. What do you think about the recent remote-work criticism by Elon Musk regarding innovation not working as well in a distributed/remote manner? View Less »
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Research Working Sessions:
Tuesday, June 7, 2022 [Multicomputation] »

with Stephen Wolfram | 1 hour 46 minutes